Water Heater Page

Welcome to our water heater page!

If you are in need of an emergency water heater replacement, please visit our EMERGENCY page or call (781) 284-9555!

Our trained professionals will replace your water heater with a robust, durable, trade brand water heater. We offer a wide variety of water heaters to satisfy whatever demands you require! From basic residential water heaters, to high efficiency on-demand water heaters, to high-recovery commercial ones; we will work with each customer to ensure that you are getting exactly what is perfect for you!

Do you have a relatively new water heater? Drastically increase the lifespan of your water heater with routine maintenance! We can perform preventative maintenance on your water heater to make it last years beyond its warranty period. Protect your investment today!

If your water heater is six years old or older [and you don’t participate in our Water Heater Preventative Maintenance Program], we recommend that you replace it before it bursts! The most common way water heaters break is a ruptured tank. This means 40+ gallons of water on your floor!


Don’t let this happen to you!